Thursday, May 3, 2007

Feast Days

Suspiciously unaffected by jetlag, perhaps due to late nights watching good movies and rambling the streets of Barcelona's Gracia district for the last six nights of my journey, I am now back home, safe, fairly sound, and very well-fed. Barcelona is a wonderful city. I left the mountains on the 25th of April to spend a few nights as a guest at friends of Cesca and Lluís, Matthew and his son Tijiane. They live in a barrio just north of the centre of the city, filled with stained glass apartment buildings from the art deco era, wonderful markets and fresh bread and cheese at practically every corner. I saw much Gaudí, many museums, and walked from morning until night each day through the city. Barcelonians are a lovely, curious sort. The women in the markets call you 'guapa,' as in 'qué más quieres, guapa?' and helped me find just the things I couldn´t leave without. Let the gods that shuffle paper and guard like sphinxes not seize upon my head for the publication of this photo.

Thank you for reading, everyone. It´s been a pleasure to write this series over the last few months. Love to you all.